Scottsdale’s New Short Term Rental Laws and How It Could Affect Sedona

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Sedona AZ News: Scottsdale, Arizona, has enacted new short-term rental laws that can and will soon affect short-term rentals in Sedona.

For short-term rental property owners in Sedona, it is vital to understand what’s coming down the pike for them when the city follows suit with what Scottsdale has done.

Below is a video explaining the new laws and how they will affect us all in the future.

In short, Scottsdale will require short-term rental property operators to obtain and maintain a local license, conduct sex offender background checks on booking guests, carry liability insurance and provide neighbor notification, thanks to an update to the city’s vacation rental ordinance.

The Scottsdale City Council voted unanimously in favor of the revised version of Ordinance No. 4566 at its meeting on Oct. 25. The ordinance’s updated elements are compatible with Arizona Senate Bill 1168, passed by the legislature and signed by the governor in July, and reflect the full authority granted to cities under state law.

The public can review the approved updates at and search “vacation rental.” “This ordinance resulted from months of collaboration, and I am confident it will make a positive impact in our community,” Mayor David D. Ortega said. Directed by City Council to include input from the public and short-term rental owners, city staff developed a set of local rules and regulations that will improve safety and livability in our neighborhoods, allow for timely enforcement when violations occur and require notification so that neighbors know how to address and resolve problems.

Scottsdale’s vacation rental ordinance includes every measure granted under state law, including mandatory registration for rental properties in Scottsdale. Failure to do so can lead to severe consequences, and the ordinance improves our ability to hold rental property owners accountable for activity at their properties as well.”

State law allows cities to regulate short-term rentals for the purposes of protecting the public’s health and safety. Key safety provisions in Scottsdale Ordinance No. 4566 include requiring pool barriers, providing working smoke alarms and a map showing exit/egress, and pest control, cleaning, trash, and garbage compliance.

Non-residential usage continues to be prohibited, and the requirement that emergency contacts respond at the request of public safety staff remains in place as well. Effective Jan. 8, 2023, all short-term rentals will need a City of Scottsdale license to operate in the city and fulfill Maricopa County and State of Arizona registration requirements.

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